Printed matter designed for Théâtre au Grenier, a Burgundy-based theatrical practice workshop for amateurs.
Direction: Jacques Arnould.
105x150 mm, 300g/m2
Typeface: Space mono by colophonfoundry.
Arletty is an extended geometric grotesque specially designed for the new visual identity of Cinéma Arletty in Autun, France.
3 cuts: light, regular and bold.
Exterior signage and lettering in facade.
Material: PVC and sticker.
Interior signage. Stencil numbers.
Wall painting and engraved PVC plates.
Weekly printed programs.
99x210 mm. Offset + laser.

Cinema/Opera season 18/19.
Serie of posters for special events.

On the February 29, 1972, a woman named Florence write to a friend also named Florence from Florence in Italy.
I imagine a book between a fictional exhibition catalogue of the city and and a travel guide of this mysterious character, victim of the Stendhal syndrome.
The project is presented as an installation that gathers the book, postcards, various objects and a cardiac defibrillator manual.

Mix media, book 68 pp. 135 x 200 mm. 3 copies.
Visual identity for the exhibition "Coups d'essai en zone de turbulences", at Café Curieux, Paris 5e. currated by Fanny Lallart and Thily Vossier. With Claire Peressotti.
Exhibition sheet, 500 copies. Riso printed.
Flag in facade
Exhibition catalogue. 250 x 200 mm. 68 pages. 2018
Type Troubles is a typo-photographic safari that questions the use of typography in the public space through a collection of letter-images.
TypeTroubles project started in the summer of 2016 on Instagram and has become over time an augmentable and participative collection.

in progress
Thanks to all contributors. Don't hesitate to collaborate and send yor Type Trouble here
A visual essay, a couple, a story to guess.
With Guillaume Sbalchiero
Workshop with Sophie Demay. 400 x 270 mm Laser and Riso printing Cyclus 80g. 30 copies Photos: Lucas Poisson
Reset! Al Qamar #4 is an editorial project realized for the French artist and author Marielle Chabal.
This anticipation project tells the story of Al Qamar, an utopian community in 2027. Its gather interviews, short texts, photos and drawings.
With Claire Peressotti
Bilingual revue, 20/27 cm, 180 pages.
500 copies. Impression Offset SEPEC.
Serie of posters for Ensemble Polhymnia, a Geneva-based feminine vocal band.
Direction: Franck Marcon. With Claire Peressotti.
895x1280cm, A3 and flyers.
Aa is a publication that paints a portrait of the letter A.
Jacques Arago (1790-1854) was known as both a playwright and an explorer. After his youth travels around the Mediterranean, he embarked in 1817 as a draftsman for a world tour aboard Urania, a French barge. Returning in 1820 after many adventures, he drew a book entitled First Walk Around the World and then travel around the world. Taking advantage of this popularity, Jacques Arago publishes throughout his life multiple versions of this book with various titles, including Memories of a blind man, because of the blindness he suffered from 1837, not preventing it by no means, however, to continue traveling around the world, from California to New Caledonia and again to Brazil.
In a conversation with a lady during a dinner “mondain”, Arago is challenged to rewrite his travel memories, but without the letter a. Challenge that he hastens to raise in a lipogram written in eight days appeared in 1853 under the title Voyage around the world.
In this this book, Jacques Arago's text become a structure and is compared to a collection of tickets (2015-2018) linked to events collected during the course of trips on which only the letter A is kept. These ephemera show polymorphic typefaces mostly printed using a thermal printer.
210x297 mm
A project with Thomas Bizzarri et Alain Rodriguez.
Acanthe is an extended ornemented typeface generated with then designed in font editor.
With Claire Peressotti. With the help of Alice Savoie.
Font in use on a big inflatable books by Alexandru Balgiu + Olivier Lebrun
for Bibliomania III, Florilège, vol. 1 Sangama John Form, Le mythe,
April 2017, Paris (photos of the book: Olivier Lebrun)
Poster for the Choir of ENS Lyon. Painting by Claire Peressotti.
594 x 841mm
Proposal not retained.
A Book gather a set of graphic experiments about signs ans typefaces in urban environment. A reflexion on ornemental and decorative terms.
210 x 297 mm Soft silkprinted Cover
Tant de crise is a book gather empty structures.
Photographs 2015-2017
240 x 290 mm, 66 pages, black and white. 2017
Booklet/flyer for cultural season 2015-16 in Autun, Burgundy-France
Booklet and digital version. 594 x 210 cm. Offset printing